Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Handmade Ornament - Day 2

From Holiday Kids Crafts

My pinterest board:

Today I decided to try something simple, and it was so easy:

Here is my inspiration piece:

I found the link from pinterest, and the original idea is here

I ended up making 5 of these.  My hot glue must be super clear, because the ispiration ornament looks more opaque than mine, but I still love them.

I failed to take in progress pictures, but I really plan on making more of these for my daughter to give out to her friends, so I'll take some then.

I learned a few things. 

  • You don't get a very large snowman if you use the mini glue sticks.  All mine are about the size of a quarter
  • You really cant add more hot glue after the first bit you blob gets hard, they just don't blend together well.
  • You cant use a heat embossing tool to re-heat the glue once you put the pipe cleaner nose in, because the nose will melt down to the wire.
  • Make sure you have the beads for your eyes and nose ready to go before you blob out the hot glue.
  • A straight pin works good for putting the beads on, but dont get too close or you get stuck and create glue strings.
  • If you want the melted look move the glue gun around while squeezing or else you get a pretty round snowman head.

Here are all 6 of my little snowman buddies on my tree:

Here is a good closeup

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