Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've been working on my embroidery

I was getting pretty tired of doing nothing more than back stitch and satin stitches, so I set out to learn some new stuff.

I would like to thank Sarah at for her amazingly easy to follow tutorials!

Here is my "sampler"

Here are closeups and explanations of what my attempts were supposed to be:

This is a cluster of bullion stitches, with a stem stitch and two detatched chains (aka Lazy Daisy Stitches) for leaves.  I am thrilled with how this one turned out!

This one is 6 bullion stitches for petals and french knots as the flower's center.  The stem is done as a scroll stitch.

This one has 3 detached chain/lazy daisy stitches and three pistil (or long french knot) stitches.

Here we have a long fly stitch with three french knots at the bottom, topped with some back stitches topped with clusters of french knots for flowers.

This is a lazy lotus, which has three detached chain stitches worked upside down with two french knots in between with three small stitches at the base.

Simple flower done with lazy daisy stiches very loose and lopsided with one french knot in the center:

I am fairly proud of this flower, its very tightly stitched lazy daisys with a large cluster of french knots in the center

This final one is supposed to be a raised chain stitch, but it was a total utter failure:

This stitch should look like this (done by Sarah Whittle)

Friday, September 2, 2011

My project for the weekend of Labor Day 2011

I will attempt to sew something like this for myself and my daughter to use when we embroider.